Ideas For Landscaping a Hill

One of the most common ways to add beauty to your property is to take advantage of the spaces that are for the most part unused and wasted. For instance, if the area is too steep you won’t use it very much, so you might want some ideas for landscaping a hill to make it both useful and good looking. But there are some special things you will want to take into account before starting to design or do this kind of a landscape project because you have to deal with forces of nature that are not going to give you much room for negotiations. These include gravity, water erosion, and sunlight and rain.

If you are going to work on a hill, ideas for landscaping a hill have to include planning for the gradual deterioration of the hill, as rain and gravity pull it down. This could wreck your landscape, or it could even create a hazard below if you have used boulders, walls, or timbers in your design. Some people just avoid the whole issue by planting hillside with juniper bushes, which cling and spread like a gigantic mass of roots netting the dirt on the hillside and clamping it down tight. Juniper is attractive, is a sturdy low grown covering evergreen, and will retain the hillside without you having to worry about things like cutting the grass. But once it is in, it will be almost impossible to get rid of, so don’t use it if you plan to have gardens or other things later on, on your hill.

Other ideas for landscaping a hill include terraces. Terraces are a good idea, and these are done by creating staircase looking flower beds on the hillside, as deep or shallow as you like, and stacked close or far apart. You cut out some of the dirt to make a shelf, and this shelf is where you plant. You can use timbers, stones, or mounded earth to form the borders of these beds, and also you can leave some space for walking around them to visit your plants or to make your way up the hillside.

When you plant anything on a hill, check the sunlight and make sure that you get the right amount at the right times of day for the plants to be healthy and happy. And consider rainfall as one of your main ideas for landscaping a hill because you can use it to irrigate your landscape if you direct the water to where it is needed, and you can also notice where it comes down in a cascade, and either use this for a waterfall feature or do something to keep it from cutting a line down the middle of your design.

Have fun with it, because landscaping on a hill is easy, and once you get the basic pattern cut into the earth and have your materials hauled into place, it’s all downhill from there, pretty much.